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Family Law FAQs

Q: Why Do You Practice Family Law?
A: I am a mother, and I always want to take care of the children, so it became known in the area that I would always take care of the children, and make sure that the children’s best interests are acknowledged.

I have the reputation at the onset so that families and the judicial system are comfortable in knowing that I would never put a child in danger.

Q: What Are The Top Misconceptions People Have About Working With A Family Law Attorney?
A: I think the first thing that someone needs to do is find a lawyer they can trust, and that they can depend on. I tell clients when we first meet, that we have to go into court as a team, and you need to be comfortable with me, and vice versa. If we are comfortable with each other, then we can present our case effectively, and achieve a positive outcome.

I try to guide them as to what would be in their best interest for the future, and I try to make sure that my orders are fashioned in such a way, that these people do not have to keep appearing in court several times over. We are trying to get a distinct final order, and we are trying to get answers that you can live with, for the rest of their lives.

Q: How Can Someone Prepare For An Impending Divorce?
A: They need to make sure they are financially secured until they divorce is finalized. We also need to make sure they have a safe place for the children, with a stable home life. We need to make sure they make copies of any debts that have been incurred during this marriage, secure retirement papers, tax records for the last three years, and any other pertinent documentation that will help with the financial decisions for this pending divorce.

My belief is that a father is just as good a parent as a mother is, so I have just gravitated towards representing those fathers, to show the courts that it does not matter what age a child is, that a father is just as capable as a mother is.

Q: How Would You Define A Successful Outcome In A Divorce Case?
A: We try to foresee the future if possible. On the marital dissolution agreements, it is very important that a good attorney look at all assets too. If you have a business, value the business, try to get a good order for the real estate do not string it out.

We try to see what could happen in the future, and we try not to leave any stone unturned. I advise them when in doubt. Always read your order, and do exactly what that order says. So the orders are extremely important.

Q: How Does The Court Determine The Best Interests Of The Child?
A: The court looks at considering what the best interests are for the child, or children. The main thing is a stable home, how close the kids are with love and affection, emotional ties, how to check the parents in providing for food and clothing. Are medical care, and education, and any other necessary things for the child provided? The importance of continuity in a child’s life for the length of the time the child has lived in a stable and satisfactory environment.

If one parent tries to restrict without good reasons on visitations with the other, then that parent is probably not going to be a good primary residential parent, because they will not make sure that, the child has a good and loving relationship with the other.

Q: Can Child Support Amounts Be Modified?
A: Yes, child support amounts can be modified. Child support can change. Let us say the mother gets a raise, and they want to go back in and change the child support, when we calculate it, if the amount is a fifteen percent variant up or down, then we change it. If it is not, then it remains the same.
Q: What Sets You Apart As a Family Law Attorney?
A: The fact that I care about my clients, it is very frustrating that some lawyers just do not care. They are just in it because the person has paid them, and they are doing their job. I have had many clients say to me, “Why do you care”, I do care, I care what happens to them, and I care what happens to their children. I try to get them through a very, very difficult time in their lives.

There is so much that I can do as an attorney to help my client get through this divorce, and that is what I have tried to do. I think that sets me apart from the other attorneys’ who practice family law in this state.

Attorney Michael Ainley

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