Ainley, Hoover & Hoover, PLLC.


Michael Ainley’s Reviews

Excellent attorney!

“Mr. Ainley has handled all the corporate legal work for the company that I work for with the utmost professionalism. He is very detailed oriented and always available to answer questions. He has also handled many different items for our family personally, and we highly recommend him.”

Posted by Sally August 13, 2015

Review for a great friend and an even better lawyer.

“I have known Mike Ainley for over 30 years. One thing I always remembered about Mike through those years was his work ethic. An extremely hard worker on anything he did. He was relentless in his schooling and when he hit the work force, it was on a dead run,…full speed ahead. Before he became a lawyer, I hired him as a manager for a band that I was in. We went from playing small clubs to large venues in a very short time. The band ran it’s course and disbanded but a few years later I got with Mike to guide me through a business situation, which has been my lifes work since then. I always call Mike when I have a need for law advice. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. He’s not just a great lawyer or business consultant to me,….he’s a friend. He’s also one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.”

Posted by Paul August 3, 2015

Mike Ainley has never lost for me.

“I have used Mr. Ainley over the past 16 or so years. I have a small mechanic shop and I have needed legal services on various issues. I usually explain my thoughts to Mr. Ainley and he will then explain the legal point of view. I have never lost in court with Mr. Ainley. I have recommended Mr. Ainley to all of my friends for all of their legal problems. So far not 1 person have been unhappy with the results of Mr. Ainleys services.”

Posted by Steve July 29, 2015

Mike is not only a good lawyer, but is now a good friend.

“Kept me informed during my case and talked to me after hours if I needed to. Treated me more like a friend than a lawyer. Made me very comfortable with what was going on in the courtroom. And save me a lot of money. Would highly recommend him !!!”

Posted by Donald on Jan 8

Vicki Hodge Hoover Reviews

Excellent attorney with a caring heart.

“Ms. Hoover has represent me and family members as well over the past 20 years from family law to criminal law and also assisted us in preparing Wills and other documents to protect our assets. She is extremely knowledgeable in the law and all aspects of it. She was very honest about what she could do for us given the circumstance of what we were facing and never made us promises or gave us false hope in any of our legal issues. She would tell us she would fight for us the hardest she could and if we had to go to trial she would try her hardest to come out victorious on our cases. She never let us down and protected our family in more ways than one.

Our family has been blessed to have a lawyer like Vicki on our side when needed and we highly recommend her for any legal needs you may have.”

Posted by Terri May 6, 2016

Represented a family member in a car theft and driving on suspended license.

“Vicki gave us good advise and instructions while keeping us informed on the negotiations and reaching an agreement in his best interest. Vicki and her team have worked hard to make this as fair and reasonable as possible.”

Posted by Sam March 1, 2015

“I was blessed with the opportunity to meet with Attorney Vicki Hoover with a personal case a few years ago. A case that at the time was very difficult for me. From the moment of speaking with her she made me feel very comfortable and at peace. She was very understanding concerning my case, and I felt we had been friends for years. I was having a difficult decision that I had to make concerning my family, and wasn’t sure the route to go with it. By the time I left there I was confident in the decision.Vicki took time to get to know me and understand where I was with the case. I remember sharing with her the hurt and pain I had gone through during this time, and it was as if she totally forgot her business as an attorney and took the time to console me as a mother and her love for her daughter as a priority in such decisions. She was a very caring attorney with great wisdom to help me. I will never forget the advice she gave me, because it brought not only healing to a broken mother that I was, but it brought great wisdom to my decision, and healing to me and my daughter.

Vicki is also a Christian, and that is a great priority in having a Attorney to me. She is a lady of compassion, and very trustworthy. I spoke to many others concerning her before I went to see her, and all of their comments about her were excellent. She came highly recommended. Her husband Mike and daughter Angela are wonderful Attorneys as well. I am working on a case with our business at this time also. And I am well pleased with the case.

Attorney Vicki Hoover is a wonderful attorney, and we are blessed here in Henry County to have her services. I have complete trust in her abilities to handle any business decision. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a Attorney.”

Posted by Pamela December 18, 2014

Angela Hoover’s Reviews


“During the time I met and worked with Mrs. Hoover, she was wonderful with keeping up with my goals and communicating regularly with me. This was a very difficult time in my life, but despite this, I always felt at ease with her confidence and expertise to help me succeed during my trials. She has a wonderful reputation of being positively aggressive in the courtroom and I would without a doubt back this up with my own experiences.”

A Satisfied Client Posted on October 6, 2016

Represented by Angela Hoover (best attorney in Williamson Co.)

“Angela was very attentive to my needs and the direction that i was hoping my case would go. She was also very professional & detailed in dealings with the other attorney who was not very responsive or rational. All in all, things went very well through such a difficult time in my life. I am thankful to have her represent me & I send anyone that I know to her that needs legal help.”

Posted by Derrick September 20, 2016


“I hired Angela for my divorce and I am more than satisfied with the way she handled my case. She was always very professional and told me upfront what to expect. I was never concerned that she wasn’t protecting my best interest. I found her knowledge of the law and the legal system to be very reassuring. Throughout the entire process, she always accepted my call or returned the call. She responded via email thoroughly and promptly when necessary. I have and will continue to recommend Angela to anyone that needs a Family Law Attorney.”

A Satisfied Client Posted on September 15, 2016

Family Dispute.

“I found Angela to be very professional and very knowledgeable. She answered all my questions and explained possible outcomes for a Will Contest. She copied and organized all documents that I brought to her office. She put them in a notebook which made it much easier for us to see the overall picture and explain the facts of the case. She is very efficient and always willing to answer or return phone calls.”

A Satisfied Client Posted on September 14, 2016